Hold me in your everlasting arms.
FAYE; I have a special seat in hell waiting for me for all the things that I've done.
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Squirrel being fed by a marionette of an old lady being controlled by an old lady. My life is complete   

Life goals

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"only by entering
will you know its secrets.”

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There’s no place in Jupiter for freaks.

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So Julie Feingold already deleted the photo from the video shoot, but a little  scroll through her page brought this little fleck of Harry & Louis GOLD.

Wait. But guys, I was so focused on Harry fonding at Louis that I didn’t even realize that JUSTING FUCKING TIMBERLAKE is standing between them talking. Yet,  Harry is LOOKINg AT LOUIS. 

Justing FUCKING Timberlake.

But he only has eyes for Louis FUCKING Tomlinson.

He is LTaf

reminds me of


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American Horror Story: Freak Show | New Trailer

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#oh dear god


who taught who the tongue-out-then-lick-then-seduce-with-the-eyes- and-SMIRK thing is what I want to know

x & x

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New pic from the 1D wwabook app. OMG (mine)

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Charlotte, NC. September 28, 2014

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